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Chicago Mayor Creates A Rodent Task Force

Chicago’s mayor recently announced the creation of a rodent task force and an additional 10 rodent control crews to respond to the city’s growing rat problem. Last year, the mayor added five crews which brought the total number of crews to 28. The two-person crews respond to rodent complaints and perform rodent baiting services.

Various departments and agencies will make up the task force and their aim is to attack the problem from multiple fronts. They will coordinate large-scale rodent abatements, identify resources for rodent prevention and will enforce pest control related ordinances.

Chicago’s Streets and Sanitation says that “if rats can’t feed, they can’t breed.” Here are some tips they offer to prevent rat infestations:

  • Keep garbage contained within closed trash carts, bins or dumpsters.
  • Clean up after pets and dispose waste in sealed containers.
  • Don’t leave pet food outdoors.
  • Get rid of old tires, lumber or piles of debris.
  • Clear weeds and throw away rotting fruit or vegetables from gardens.

City records show that rat complaints have more than doubled in the last two years. They received 8,496 rodent complaint calls from January 1 to April 12, 2016. During the same time period in 2014, they only received 4,071 calls.