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Coyote Startles Homeowner By Entering Her House Through A Dog Door!

Just imagine how horrified you’d be if you woke up at midnight and found a coyote inside your home!

This homeowner was in bed at night when she heard her dogs barking and going crazy. At first, she thought her dogs might have found a rat or mouse in the house. She opened the bedroom door to see what all of the commotion was about. That’s when she saw a coyote that was three quarters of the way down her hallway! The coyote must have been startled when it saw her because it turned and ran out of the house.

All of this was caught on the owner’s surveillance video. The coyote can be seen scaling her six-foot wall and jumping down on her rear patio. It then found the dog door and went inside the house. The coyote must have been inside of her home for at least two minutes before it got scared off. In the video, you can see the coyote exiting the dog door, jumping back over the wall, and then running away from the house.

“They’re out there and they are very bold. And they are looking for any chance to get food or water but who knows if they will bring more back so we really have to worry about our pets, animals and kids,” the homeowner said. She says that she will now keep her dog door shut so this never happens again.

This is not the first time that coyotes have been stirring up excitement in her neighborhood. A week earlier, surveillance cameras caught her neighbors chasing a coyote off their property.

Keeping your dog doors shut, especially at night, is a smart move. That will help keep all sorts of animals from entering your home. It also might help you sleep better.