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Don’t Let Rodents Take Up Residence In Your Cars

With problems such as dead batteries, flat tires and worn out brakes, it is hard enough for us to keep our cars on the road. But, during the last decade many car owners have discovered a new problem they have to deal with – rodents. According to a study by Advanced Symbolics, Inc., they found that in November 2019 alone, online conversations on the subject of rodents found in cars had a surge of roughly 1.8 million engagements.

When you consider a car engine’s warmth, how the inside of a car provides protection from predators, and that there are plenty of wires to chew on, our vehicles may be an ideal source of shelter for rodents. Another reason why rodents may be damaging more cars now than before, is that some manufacturers are using soy-based wiring in their cars. Many rodents are finding this new type of wiring to be especially tasty.

If you suspect that rodents have been getting into your car, you need to call your mechanic immediately. The damage you find may be minor and only costs you a couple of hundred bucks to fix. If you let it go and the rodents take up residence in your car, they may wind up destroying your car’s wire harness. Replacement of a wire harness is no simple task and could easily cost you thousands of dollars.

With the ever-increasing populations of mice, rats, opossums and squirrels, you may find it necessary to start parking your cars in the garage. You also need to check your garage and make sure it is sealed up tight and free of rodents.

It’s kind of funny, but I just found a rat in my garage and it was starting to chew up one of my trucks. It must have come in through the door when I had it open. I guess the rat couldn’t read our company’s name on the side of the truck – he or she should have known better than to come in here!