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Cutting Edge Pest Control Service: This is integrated pest management at it’s best. Budget minded homeowners really appreciate this service because we use “long lasting” materials. That helps to reduce your cost because most homes only need to be serviced once every other month using this system.Click hear to read more about our Cutting Edge Pest Control Service.

Green Pest Control Service: Everyone is concerned about the environment and this service really emphasizes using a combination of Organic products coupled with a small amount of “low impact” residual products.Click hear to read more about our Green Pest Control Service.

Organic Pest Control Service: This service was designed for homeowners that demand using the safest products available. Many of these products are made from “food grade” materials and are classified by the EPA as “Eco-exempt”.Click hear to read more about our Organic Pest Control Service.

Termite Terry's 17 Step Pest Treatment Plan

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