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Green Pest Control Service

Everyone is concerned about the environment and this service really emphasizes using a combination of Organic products coupled with a small amount of “low impact” residual products.

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Our Green Pest Control service plan includes:

17-Step Green Pest Control Treatment Procedure

Initial Clean-Out

1.57-point bug audit and inspection
2.Dust or bait attic and/or crawl space
3.Remove switch plates and electrical outlets in kitchen & baths, apply dust or baits. May need to treat other accessible outlets if problems persist
4.Drill and treat kick plate voids under cabinets and vanities
5.Check for rodent evidence or trailing ants

Interior Treatment

6.Treat around all of doors, windows
7.Pull back plumbing covers in shower and under sinks, treat as needed
8.Treat around top and bottom of garage or carport
9.Look for new termite mud tubes around garage expansion joints

Exterior Treatment

10.Remove spider webs, wasps nests with pole duster
11.Treat eaves and soffits as needed
12.Treat around doors, windows
13.Treat around garbage cans, wood piles and under decks
14.Treat exterior foundation 1 foot up and 2 feet out from foundation with Eco Smart IC-2. Also, treat around doors and windows.
15.Use Mother Earth granules in planters and soil areas around foundation
16.Check for new termite mud tubes, fecal pellets or wings from termites
17.Go through check list with homeowner and have it signed.

These products may be used in lieu of or in conjunction with other products listed on this page.
Mother Earth products
Eco Smart Products
PoisonFree Products
Advion Ant and Roach Baits
Non-Repellent/Low-Impact Products (Small amounts, only as needed)

If you’re interested in the Green Pest Control Service offered by Termite Terry please feel free to call us at 949-631-7348 in order to set up an appointment or use our online Order Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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