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Energy Bars Made With Crickets?

    An environmentalist, named Pat Crowley, is now making energy bars using crickets as a main ingredient. He is co-founder of a company named Chapul, which is the word for crickets in the Aztec language, that is based in Salt Lake City.

    Crowley has been working in water resources for almost a decade and focuses on sustainable solutions. He is concerned that agriculture uses up to 90 percent of our freshwater resources. He had heard about insects as a more environmentally friendly form of nutrition and from a water perspective, Crowley feels they are a game-changer.

    The Aztecs used to collect crickets and dry them out in the sun. They would then grind them down into flour which they used to make a very dense protein bread.

    Crowley says there are already large cricket farm operations which supply the pet food industry. He reached out to the farmers about raising them for human consumption. They have now made the necessary changes to meet health codes for food-grade products.

    His business has grown every month since it opened and they sold 6,000 bars last month. The company claims their bars are delicious and contain no soy or dairy products. They are available in three flavors; Chaco, Aztec and Thai.

    Are you ready to join the revolution and start eating these “cricket bars”? If so, you can order them online at www.chapul.com  .