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Family Of Seven Barely Escape Death From Bug Bomb Explosion

A family of seven had to climb out from under the ruble of their home after they set off ten bug bombs and the stove triggered a massive explosion. The family beat all odds by managing to escape alive from their collapsed home.

The explosion occurred early on a Sunday morning, with all seven family members aged between 8 and 73 inside the home.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene after receiving calls of the explosion.

Neighbors rushed in to help the family members get out of the home. While five members of the family had managed to crawl out, the two most elderly people had to be helped out by the police. One child and one elderly patient were seriously injured. They were both transported to a local hospital. Four others had to be taken to the hospital and were treated for minor injuries.

Officials from the fire department said the home was a complete write-off and that it would have to be destroyed.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got to read the label on these “bug bombs” before you ever use one. If you’ll take just a few seconds and read the list of ingredients on the can, you’ll see that these bug bombs are almost entirely filled with butane or propane! They only contain a very small amount of pesticide.

Numerous studies have shown that bug bombs are not effective. If you still insist on using them, read the entire list of instructions, first. Be sure to extinguish all pilot lights and turn off your home’s electricity before you set them off. Also, follow the instructions and don’t make the mistake of using more than one bug bomb at a time.

Better yet, if the bugs are really that bad at your house, please call a professional for help – you may wind up saving yourself hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.