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Home Maintenance Tip: Trim Your Plants and Trees

This month, we are going to talk about cutting and trimming back the vegetation around your homes. The reason why this is such an important subject is because plants and trees are often the cause of many pest problems.
Honeydew producing plants are a major cause of ant infestations. Honeydew is sweet and you’ll often find hundreds of ants crawling all over plants, such as fig trees, cherry laurel, bamboo, oleander, and even rose bushes. If these plants are touching the side of your home, the ants can simply follow a branch and walk right into your home. You can help keep them out by just trimming the plants back at least two feet away from the sides of your home.
Plants growing up the sides of your home can be a source of large spider infestations. When these plants are touching your home, it is very easy for spiders to simply walk right inside of your home. Trim these plants back at least two feet from your home and you’ll eliminate these easy access points.
Trees that are growing over your roof are the main cause of most rat infestations. The Orange County Vector Control Department recommends you cut all trees back at least four feet from your roof, with no branches left hanging over your home. That is very good advice and it may wind up saving your hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repairs.