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Homes That Smell Clean And Like Bleach Could Be Bad News

If you are looking to buy a home, most of us would think that a clean smell is a good thing. But if you ever walk into a home and you start getting strong whiffs of bleach, this could be bad news.

A real estate agent was showing a home to prospective buyers and every time she went there, she noticed that the home had a strong chlorine smell.

The agent found another pair of buyers who wanted to see this home. The seller of this home was there when they arrived. When she opened the door and let them in, it was dark inside. The first thing that hit the buyers was the smell of smoke, and on top of that there was a strong chlorine scent.

The agent and the prospective buyers didn’t think much more about the home’s smells. They assumed that the owner had just cleaned something up. The buyers continued their tour of the home. When they got to the garage, they did notice quite a few pets inside.

On the day of the final walk-through, the strong chlorine smell was still there. But the buyers were so excited that they went ahead and closed the deal, anyway.

The buyers started remodeling their new home right away. When they pulled up the flooring, they found what the previous owner had been trying to cover up – the floors were full of urine from previous owner’s pets! The smell was so bad that they could hardly keep from throwing up. Even the subflooring was soaked in urine, so they had to replace all of that, as well. This was a major and unexpected expense.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking to buy a home and it has a strong smell of bleach, that may be a red flag warning. I’d also recommend you order a thorough home inspection before you decide to buy. You don’t need any more expensive surprises!