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Illegal, Harmful Pesticides Sold Online!

The EPA recently announced that more than 2,800 customers in the U.S. have been warned about the risk associated with banned pesticides in an ant control product they purchased online. The product, known as “Fast Ant Bait”, contains mirex – a substance that was banned in 1978 because it can cause liver, skin, reproductive and nerve damage.

Directions and precautions on the product’s label were written entirely in Chinese. The online marketers did provide a small paper with instructions and precautions in English, however, they were very limited and did not meet labeling and safety standards required by the EPA.

“Illegal pesticides are often much more toxic than approved pesticides,” said Steve Owens, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “When the EPA takes a pesticide off the market, it means that pesticide was not safe. Consumers should use only EPA-registered pesticides and always follow the label directions to ensure their safety.”

The Washington State Department of Health reported that a woman became ill after using this product in her home. Once the EPA became aware of this problem, they notified and warned three online companies to cease processing orders. In cooperation with the EPA, these companies provided information which allowed the agency to contact those who purchased the product. Consumers were then warned of the dangers of this product and how to properly dispose of it.

EPA officials also discovered another illegal product, known as “Antimos Mosquito Repellant”, being sold online by these marketers. This product is not registered by the EPA and they encourage anyone who purchased this product to dispose of it properly.

Termite Terry says, “In today’s world, it just doesn’t make sense to use products in your homes that are this dangerous. The latest pest control products we have in stock work unbelievably well and are so much safer to use. In fact, some of these products are considered to be eco-exempt by the EPA because they represent little or no risk to humans. The next time you see pharmaceuticals advertised on television, pay attention and listen to all of the harmful side-effects that these products have. And then, read the labels on some of our newest pest control products where they say there are no known harmful side effects on humans. I never dreamed I’d say this, but someday, it may be safer to call an exterminator than to go to your own doctor! ”