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Curbing The Rising Sales Of Illegal Pesticides

A new multistate task force is out to curb the rising sales of illegal pesticides. The effort is being headed by Mike Weyman, deputy director of Clemson University’s Regulatory Service unit. Mr. Weyman says that the quantity of cases is […]

Ten Tips To Poison Proof Your Home

    The California Poison Control System receives about 900 calls a day for cases concerning poisonings. Most alarming is that over half of all these cases involve children five years and younger. This is an important matter and everyone needs […]

Mother Poisons Four Children And Kills Baby

    Four children were left critically ill and a baby died after a mother used an imported pesticide to kill bed bugs in her apartment.     The product used was a pelleted form of phosphine which is an agricultural pesticide. […]

Doctor Uses “Drano” During A Gyno Exam?

    A woman is suing her gynecologist for allegedly spraying potassium hydroxide, a corrosive chemical often found in drain-cleaning products, into her while performining an examination.     The lawsuit states the doctor was scheduled to perform a colposcopy. This procedure […]

Bug Bombs Are Overused and Can Be Dangerous!

    The New York Times recently reported a story about a woman who set off 20 bug bombs in her apartment. She must not have been satisfied with the results, so she set off 20 more bug bombs the following […]

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer

    The weather is warming up in Orange County and many homeowners are seeing an unusually high number of insects and rodents around their homes this year. Our recent long and wet winter is probably the main reason for this […]

There Is A Huge Difference In Pest Control Philosophy

    We’re currently expanding our business and are looking to hire some new technicians. While conducting interviews, I always ask what they know about the various pests and what methods they use to control them. That’s because we’ve got to […]

Two Companies Busted For Selling Illegal Pesticides!

    The EPA has recently busted two companies for selling unregistered pesticides. One is located in New Jersey and the other is in New York. Both are facing stiff penalties for violating federal pesticides law.     “When stores sell illegal […]

How To Stay Pest Free This Summer

Summertime is here and a lot of Orange County homeowners are having problems with pests of all types. Insects and rodents can do a great deal of damage to a home and its contents. They can also be serious vectors […]

Insects Needed To Feed 9 Billion Humans?

Some experts are saying that insects may form a sustainable, nutritious alternative to meat and are needed to keep food production in pace with the planet’s booming population. Jonathan Majer, an entomologist at Australia’s Curtin University, says that despite the […]