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Two Companies Busted For Selling Illegal Pesticides!

    The EPA has recently busted two companies for selling unregistered pesticides. One is located in New Jersey and the other is in New York. Both are facing stiff penalties for violating federal pesticides law.

    “When stores sell illegal pesticides, the health and safety of people are put at risk. Unless pesticide products are registered with the EPA and have the required EPA labels, they should not be sold. Store owners should protect the health of their customers and remove any unregistered pesticides from their shelves immediately”, said Judith A. Enck of the EPA.

    Pesticide manufacturers often spend millions of dollars to register a product. They have to provide data from tests conducted according to EPA guidelines to ensure that the product will not be harmful to people’s health. The EPA examines the ingredients and the way in which the products will be used. They also assess a wide variety of potential human health and environmental effects associated with their usage.

    Why do some companies try and skirt the law? If you guessed that they are trying to save a lot of money and time, you’re probably right.

    At Termite Terry Pest Control, we only use EPA registered products and we always try and use the least toxic products available. We are also very excited about some of the latest products because the EPA has categorized them as “offering minimal risk to humans and domestic animals”.

    Have a pest control problem? Please don’t try and save a few bucks by buying these unregistered products. Better yet, why not call us for a FREE Pest Audit or use our online order form . You may find out that you need little if any insecticide to solve your pest problem!