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Bug Bombs Are Overused and Can Be Dangerous!

    The New York Times recently reported a story about a woman who set off 20 bug bombs in her apartment. She must not have been satisfied with the results, so she set off 20 more bug bombs the following day and wound up blowing the place up. The blast was so powerful that it blew out the rear wall of her apartment and caused a fire. 12 people were injured and the building is now partially collapsed.

    Many consumers purchase bug bombs at stores because they are inexpensive and seem like a convenient way of killing insects. What they don’t know is that bug bombs are not always effective and can be very dangerous.

    Most bug bombs contain about 2% active ingredients (usually pyrethroids or pyrethrins). Close to 98% of the contents are either butane or propane, which are highly flammable.

    Another important thing for you to know is that these bug bombs do not produce a gas. What they do is spray a fine mist throughout the room and they leave pesticide residue on exposed surfaces and objects. They do not penetrate well into pest harborage sites where insects hide, such as in walls or under cabinets.  And, instead of killing insects, they may actually cause insects to scatter to other parts of the home.

    If you are going to do your own pest control treatments, we strongly recommend that you start by cleaning up the areas and practice good sanitation. You should also seal up the areas to keep insects out. If you need an insecticide, carefully select a product and read all of the label’s instructions before you use it.

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