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There Is A Huge Difference In Pest Control Philosophy

    We’re currently expanding our business and are looking to hire some new technicians. While conducting interviews, I always ask what they know about the various pests and what methods they use to control them. That’s because we’ve got to make sure they know their stuff and share our same philosophy of “integrated pest management”.

    It shouldn’t surprise me to learn that many of the technicians I interview are still using cheap, old fashioned pest control products. I always ask why their companies aren’t using the same products we do and they will usually say, “Our company would never use those products because they work too well. If we used products like yours, we’d kill all their bugs on the first visit and we wouldn’t be able to sell them anymore services.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t share that philosophy. We’d rather be known as the company that did your job right the first time and solved your problem.

    Does that hurt our company’s sales? Yes, I suppose we miss out on a few sales because we are often able to solve your problem on the first visit. But, in the long run, it is good for our business because it helps us to develop a better reputation as a “problem solver.”

    If you have a pest problem, wouldn’t you rather have it solved right away? You really don’t want to have a pest control company come back, week after week, and charge you for all of those extra visits, do you? Of course you don’t!

    Not all pest problems can be solved in one visit. But, if you have a tough problem to solve and it will require additional services, we’ll always tell you that in advance so you’ll know what to expect.

    Do you, or someone you know, have a pest control problem and need help? Call us to schedule an appointment or use our online order form and we’ll do your job the right way, the first time.