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Curbing The Rising Sales Of Illegal Pesticides

A new multistate task force is out to curb the rising sales of illegal pesticides. The effort is being headed by Mike Weyman, deputy director of Clemson University’s Regulatory Service unit.

Mr. Weyman says that the quantity of cases is continuing to grow, and now there is an increase of counterfeit pesticides being sold.

One case that motivated them to form the task force involved a pet owner in North Carolina. This person purchased a flea and tick killer for her two adult dogs from a local store. The bottle had no label and all she got were verbal instructions from a store clerk. She was told to apply 1 cc via syringe to each dog. She used the dropper included in the bottle, and gave it to the dogs orally.

After both of her dogs died, she had tests run to find out why. Lab results found that the product contained a common insecticide, but at five times the recommended dose. Also, the product should not have been given orally – it was supposed to be applied to the nape of the animal’s neck and be absorbed by the skin.

Consumers should be on the lookout for illegal pesticides. The first thing to check for is that it has a label and that it is registered with the EPA.

Always check the EPA registration numbers because they may have been falsified. Also, beware of product names in fractured or nonstandard English.

Please, protect your family by avoiding these illegal pesticides.