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Mother Poisons Four Children And Kills Baby

    Four children were left critically ill and a baby died after a mother used an imported pesticide to kill bed bugs in her apartment.

    The product used was a pelleted form of phosphine which is an agricultural pesticide. This type of product is heavily regulated and made only available to professionals. It was later learned that her family had purchased the bottle of pellets when they were out of the country on a recent trip.

    “When exposed to the air, the pellets react with moisture and release phosphine gas,” said James Kehrer, a toxicologist at the University of Alberta. “As a gas, it’s often used to fumigate large batches of grain.”1359551728-18935700

    The pellets were mostly spread around in one bedroom, however, fire crews found the substance throughout the unit. All tenants in the building had to be evacuated and were not allowed to return until officials deemed the area to be safe.

    Termite Terry says, “I know that certain pests, such as bed bugs, can be very frustrating to deal with. I also know that you’ll have friends or family who will tell you to use some super toxic stuff that will kill everything. But, some of these products are just too dangerous to use in or around our homes and businesses. If you are going to do your own pest control treatments, you need to use a product that is properly labeled for your type of pest. You also need to read and follow the label’s instructions completely. Please, make your family’s safety a priority.”

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