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Pesticide Use Increases In California After A Four Year Decline

    Pesticide use in California was up in 2010 after declining for four consecutive years. The Department of Pesticide Regulation released data showing that more than 173 million pounds of pesticides were applied statewide. That is an increase of 15 […]

Illegal Insecticide Chalk!

    You may have seen these “illegal insecticide chalk” products for sale in a neighborhood store or being sold on the street for about $1 a box. Their labels are sometimes written in both English and Chinese and they go […]

Stores Trying To Make A Fast Buck By Selling Illegal Pesticides

    Federal criminal charges were filed against 2 men and 10 other men received state criminal charges for their respective roles in the illegal distribution and sale of unregistered and misbranded pesticides that were sold out of multiple locations in […]

How To Control Ants

    In September of 2010, the National Pest Management Association conducted a survey and the results showed that ants are the number one nuisance pest in the United States. More than 1,000 homeowners participated in the survey and 54 percent […]

How To Travel And Stay Bed Bug Free!

    Bed bugs were a very common problem in the U.S.. After World War II, we were able to virtually eradicate these pests by using residual insecticides, such as DDT and Malathion. However, bed bugs began to re-emerge during the […]

Illegal, Harmful Pesticides Sold Online!

The EPA recently announced that more than 2,800 customers in the U.S. have been warned about the risk associated with banned pesticides in an ant control product they purchased online. The product, known as “Fast Ant Bait”, contains mirex – […]

California’s Top Ten Pesticide Blunders

Everyone has heard David Letterman do a “Top 10 List” presentation on his late night television show. These lists are funny and his audience really loves them. Well, another person named Mary-Ann Warmerdam decided to get in on the act […]

Pesticide Usage Declines In California For The Fourth Consecutive Year!

    Pesticide usage dropped in California for the fourth consecutive year in 2009, says Mary-Ann Warmerdam of the Department of Pesticide Regulation. Approximately 156 million pounds of pesticides were reported to have been applied statewide.  That is a decrease of […]

Tobacco – The New Green Pesticide

Researchers are looking for new uses of tobacco and one potential use they have found is that it will make an excellent green pesticide. Tobacco naturally contains nicotine that is toxic to a wide variety of insects. “A green pesticide […]