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It’s Time To Get Ready – The Rains Are Coming!

It has been many months since we’ve had any measurable rain fall in Orange County, but we all know the rains are coming this winter.

To protect your home’s foundation and to prevent expensive water damage, you need to keep water away from it. Excessive moisture around your home can cause:

  • Mold
  • Dryrot damage
  • Moisture damage to your home’s interior and furnishings
  • Insect, termite and rodent infestations
  • Foundation damage. This is a major issue as you may see cracks in the foundation, uneven floors, settling, bowed walls, or doors that won’t open and close properly.
  • Drowned plants, grass and flowers

Here are some things for you to check around your home:

  1. Foundation slope. If you have a drainage problem, the first thing tocheck is to see if the ground around your home is graded away from its foundation. The soil around your home should fall six inches vertically for the first ten feet away from the foundation. Check patio slabs and walkways, too. Remember, if you pour a bucket of water up next to the house, all of the water should run away from the foundation.Minor grading issues may be easy for you to correct with typical garden tools. In other cases, you’ll need to consult with a licensed contractor who specializes in this field.


    1. Faulty grade levels. Most building codes say that there should be a minimum of four to six inches between the prevailing soil levels and the top of the slab. If your home has wood or composite siding, you should maintain at least eight inches between the soil and siding.

    If you only have a few small areas that need regrading, you may be able to take care of them yourself. Some homes may need substantial work, and that is where you’ll probably need to hire a professional.


    1. Planters that collect water.

    During heavy rains, many of these planters will collect water which may go right under the foundation and cause settling. Or, the water may actually run through the walls and into your home.

    If the planters around your home are filling up with rain water, this is something you’ll need to have fixed before it starts raining.


    4. Rain gutters are a great way to promote good drainage. If you haven’t checked them lately, this is the time of the year to clean them out and to ensure they are in good shape. You should also take a close look at the gutter downspouts. There should at least be an elbow on the bottom ofthe spout to direct water away from the house. Splash blocks, placed under these spouts, will improve the flow of water away from the foundation. In some cases, you may consider having extensions added to these downspouts that will direct the water even further away from the house.

    These tips will help keep your home dry this winter, and may save you a fortune in repair costs!