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Lowest Price Isn’t Always The Answer

    A homeowner had serious termite and dryrot damage in the wood trim on about twenty of the windows around her home and she asked me to give her a bid to do the repairs. I carefully inspected every one of her windows and gave her a very detailed estimate which included a list of all materials. She liked me and appreciated my effort but said my price was too high. So, she hired another company who gave her a quote that was about half what I estimated the cost would be.

    The other company started the job, but after only one day’s work, she had to fire them. That is because their work was, to put it mildly, “a butcher job”. The wood they used didn’t match the rest of the house, they badly damaged the stucco walls when they pulled out the wood and if that wasn’t bad enough, it looked like they spread “gorilla snot” all over the areas where they did their repairs.

    She called me the next day, shared her horrifying story and asked if I’d come back and take over the job. I took a look at what they had done and said I could still fix it. But now, my price would be even higher because I’d have to repair all of the damage they had done to her home. This was a big job and we wound up working on it for over a week. The good news is that the house looked like new after it was painted and she was very happy.

    Ladies and gentlemen, there’s much more involved than money in the price of wood repairs. Yes, you need cold hard dollars. But, more importantly is the follow-up, service and end result after you hire a company. Also, it’s important that the person who makes all the promises follows through and makes sure things are done properly. At Termite Terry Pest Control, we don’t always have the lowest price but we give so much more in service and that is why most of the people we work for are excited to spend a little more to get the best.