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Malibu Home’s Deck Collapses

More than a dozen party-goers were on the deck at a rented home in Malibu when it collapsed.

The next-door neighbor was filming the party. The people were out on the deck, enjoying the view and having a good time. A second later, they fell 15-feet to rocks, sand, broken glass, and splintered wood. Two people were critically injured. Four were transported to a hospital.

The owners say their rental agreement stated that no more than six people were allowed to be on the deck at one time, and that parties were prohibited.

Some of the party-goers are now going to sue the owner. They say that video footage shows the deck’s wood was in poor condition, rotted, and that it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Attorney, Greyson Goody, is representing the man who rented the house.

“The deck was in pretty poor condition. Even if it was six people or one person, nobody should’ve been allowed on that deck,” Mr. Goody said.
Attorneys for the owner say the deck was inspected in 2018, and that no rotted wood was found.
This could become a major lawsuit. If your home has a wood deck, have it carefully inspected and repaired, if needed. This is one type of headache you don’t need!