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Man Had A 5½ Foot Tapeworm In His Body!

A man recently pulled a 5½ foot tapeworm out of his body, and experts believe that his daily sushi habit may have been the cause.

The man said that he first discovered he had a problem while he was sitting on a toilet. As he was sitting there, he felt something strange coming out of his body. He first thought that his intestines were coming out.

He then reached down and grabbed what he thought were entrails. After he pulled some of it out, he looked and saw that this thing was moving. He then looked closer and saw that it was a worm!

The man pulled the tapeworm completely out of his body, and wrapped it around a toilet roll. This was a horrifying experience, so he decided that he needed some medical attention.

After checking in at the hospital, he complained to the doctor about having bloody diarrhea, and said that he wanted to be treated for worms. The doctor was skeptical until the man opened up a plastic grocery bag, and showed him what was inside. The doctor couldn’t believe his eyes when the man pulled a 5½ foot tapeworm out of the bag!

The doctor wanted to know what would have caused such a massive tapeworm. After a series of questions, the man admitted that he ate salmon sushi, every day. The doctor said that his raw salmon intake was almost certainly the reason for the tapeworm. The man was treated with medication, and is now in recovery.

The Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning telling us that wild salmon, caught off the coast of Alaska, may contain tapeworm. They recommend that you avoid eating uncooked fish. To kill parasites in seafood, it should be cooked it to an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees F. Or, you may freeze it at -20 degrees Celsius for 72 hours.

Oh well, maybe I should skip the sushi tonight. Ready to join me for a nice juicy steak?