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Man Blows Up His House With An Electric Fly Swatter!

An 82-year-old man accidentally blew up his house while trying to kill a fly with an electric fly swatter.

The man was about to eat dinner when he became annoyed by a fly buzzing around his head. That’s when he grabbed his “trusty” electric fly swatter and went after the fly. Unfortunately, he didn’t know there was a leaking gas canister nearby. The sparks from the fly swatter ignited the gas fumes and an explosion occurred. The kitchen was destroyed, and the roof of his home collapsed.

The man suffered burns to his hand after he threw himself onto the floor. He was later taken to a local hospital. At this time, no one knows if the fly survived.

Currently, this elderly man is living at a campsite while his home is being repaired.

Electric fly swatters are generally safe if used properly. These devices are battery powered and they zap bugs when you swing them.

However, it is interesting to note that a woman in Greece was reportedly burned on her legs after using an electric fly swatter – she had just applied an alcohol solution on her legs to treat mosquito bites. You’ve got to remember that electric sparks from these fly swatters can ignite flammable products! Any of you every use hand sanitizer? It’s probably not a good idea to use one of these electric devices after you’ve applied an alcohol-based sanitizer.

If you really want one of these “new-fangled” electric fly swatters, you can easily purchase them online or find them at your local hardware store. Meanwhile, if you really need a “safe” fly swatter, please call me and I’ll send you an old-fashioned plastic fly swatter at no charge.