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Poisoned Food Kills 23 Children!

    In India, 23 children have died and many others have fallen ill after eating lunch in a rural school. This is India’s worst outbreak of mass food poisoning in years and the police suspect this was caused by cooking oil that had been kept in a container previously used for storing insecticide. The police found the pesticide container in the school’s cooking area, located next to the vegetable oil and mustard oil.

    This is a tragedy that could have been prevented! If you are going to use or store pesticides at your home or business, here are four basic rules you have got to follow so you can help prevent these kinds of accidents:

  1. Always store pesticides in their original container and keep them out of the reach of children. If you use a product that has to be mixed with water and put into an application device, such as a compressed air sprayer, only mix what you need and empty the container when you’re done. You also need to mark the sprayer with a Danger/Poison label so it won’t be used for anything else.
  2. You must always dispose of empty pesticide containers and never re-use them for any other purpose. Read the product’s label to learn how to dispose of these empty containers properly.
  3. Don’t ever put any pesticide into an empty food container. Many accidents occur every year because of people putting pesticides into empty milk, soft drink or water bottles.
  4. Always read and follow all of the pesticide label’s instructions before using any product. Please remember that almost all pesticide accidents can be prevented if people will take their time and read the label’s instructions, first.