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Ready To Try A “Live Snail Facial?”

     It seems as though everyone wants to stay young and beautiful but this new treatment may be “over the top”. A Japanese beauty salon is now offering a beauty treatment where live snails are put directly on your face so they will cover it with their slime.

    Experts say that snail slime is believed to have an anti-aging effect on human skin. Some cosmetics are already sold with essence of escargot.

    Ci:z.Labo, a Tokyo-based beauty salon, is going a step further with what it says is the first live snail treatment in Japan.

    Ms. Manami Takamura, a spokeswoman for Ci:z.Labo, says, “Slime from snails helps remove old cells, heal the skin after sunburn and moisturize it. In this way, you can have 100 percent pure snail essence directly on the skin.”

    For about $106.00 you can enjoy the salon’s “Celebrity Escargot Course”. With the treatment, you’ll receive about five minutes of snail therapy, a massage and other facial treatments.

    One of the salon’s clients, Ms. Sayaka Ito, said she found the experience relaxing. Ms. Ito also said, “You can feel the snails moving on your face. At first, it’s surprising but it’s actually nice. My skin really does feel smooth and moist.”

    WARNING! Don’t try this at home if you find snails in your garden! The salon buys their snails from an organic breeder in Japan. These are fed organically to ensure they are clean and healthy before being placed on a client’s face. These special snails are fed on organic vegetables, including carrots, Japanese “komatsuna” greens, spinach and Swiss chard.

    Are you ready for a snail treatment? Don’t worry because we’re sure this type of treatment will be available here, soon 🙂