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Rave Review!

“Tenting a house is not something anyone looks forward to and I certainly didn’t. It was a huge undertaking and time-consuming work packing up the pantry, refrigerator, favorite wines and medicine chest. Also, there was preparing the outside of the house by trimming bushes and hedges way back, and moving black rocks away from the structure.

    The impending procedure caused many concerns for me: what about my TV antenna, stuccoed attic access door moved with clean hands leaving no finger prints, artificial grass ruined, ground floor lights or sprinkler heads stepped on and broken, and my precious 33-year-old Japanese Bonsai pine tree damaged? I didn’t want to incur other costly repair expenses.

    I must say that after Skip inspected my house, and as promised, got the quote to me within a few days. When I signed the contract, he remained patient and calm addressing all my concerns and promptly got back to me on anything he didn’t have an immediate answer for. I cannot say enough about the integrity, honesty and professionalism of Skip. Without a doubt he gained my trust with his detailed responses to my questions.

    Combine Skip with your fumigation crew, and you have a dynamite team. They worked well together toward a successful fumigation. They were delightful, polite and professional.

    When the tent came off, the crew filled the trenches, swept up the debris, used the blower, put the black rocks back in place, and threw away any trash. The moment they drove away, it was like they were never here as everything was back in place. I have no complaints!

    Please add me to your list of very satisfied customers, as I too would highly recommend Termite Terry to my family, friends and neighbors.”


Linda Svehla

Santa Ana