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Rave Review! Fumigation in Long Beach

    I first met the Termite Terry Pest Control organization 18 months ago after discovering a serious termite infestation in my Los Altos, Long Beach, home. It was awful. The termites attracted ants to compound the problem. They were one of three inspections and bids I received.
    We choose Termite Terry because of the seriousness of their approach and because they simply identified the most infected areas of my home. The most thorough by far. They were not the least expensive, but 18 months later I am sure they were the best choice.
    Termite Terry removed and repaired all the outside wood damage including parts of the roof. The crews were on-time and on-schedule. The work has been quality. They were polite, professional, even pleasant. And importantly, they were clean with their work and left the areas of repair clean when they finished.
    They walked through the fumigation process with great patience. They answered every phone call with kind politeness: even when giving us missed information for the umpteenth time. Again, all the crews were on-time, polite, clean and respectful in their approach to our home. A year later, a free inspection showed they have solved that awful problem.
    However, an equally smart decision was to get a Termite Terry bi-monthly contract to keep my property free of pests year-round. DJ has proven to be a reliable partner in this process. He is inquisitive and probing about what pests have been seen and any concerns. He pokes his nose in every corner to ensure the entire property is looked after. Again, this is done with an on-time, clean and pleasant attitude.
    Picking Termite Terry Pest Control to solve a serious and awful problem of termite infestation was a good one. From top to bottom, an organization of good people, good systems, vast knowledge and a serious approach to solving your pest problem is how I describe Termite Terry Pest Control. A sure bet.

Los Altos, Long Beach