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Rave Reviews!

“As I get ready to schedule my annual termite inspection control, I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you do to keep our home pest free.

You service not only got us termite and pest free many years ago but you have kept us that way for all that time.

You and your amazing staff have helped make our modest home into a perfect little paradise: no spiders or ants. It is a wonderful way to live.”

Paul Moore
Long Beach


“I would like to express my appreciation for having Skip Haffke perform the annual inspection. He is a great inspector and represents your company well. He provided a wealth of information regarding not only termites and their behavior but filled me in on wasps, ants and crickets. He explained the things we should look for if we suspect termite activity and to know which type of termite might be the intruder. We had a mouse/rat intrusion some months back that I was able to take care of on my own and Skip was very informative about what to do to prevent additional intrusions. He shares an incredible wealth of knowledge about the insect world that proves he’s a real expert.

His inspection was thorough and he knew exactly what he was looking for. He was not rushed and knew where to look for trouble. From the remediation work your team performed after last year’s inspection, we are bug-free again and I attribute that to Skip’s supervision and monitoring.

We will be customers as long as we own this home, thanks to Skip’s expert work.”

Tom Rydzeski
Lake Forest