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Things To Do To Help Keep Those Big Roaches Out Of Your Home!

More and more Orange County homeowners are finding large roaches in their homes these days. While these large American roaches (1½ to 2 inches long) typically live outdoors, they will occasionally move into our homes.

Regular exterior perimeter pest control treatments will certainly help. But if you really want to keep these pests out, it may be time to check to see how well the doors on your home are sealed.

Garage doors are a very common point of entry. Check the seal at the bottom of your garage door, and the seals that are located on the sides of the door. Ideally, you should be able to stand inside of your garage and not see any light coming through the bottom and sides of your door. If these seals are damaged or deteriorated, it is time to have them replaced.

The exterior doors on your home should also be checked. Again, it is best if you can’t see any light coming in from around your doors. Some doors have large gaps at the bottom and this condition can often be corrected by installing a sweep at the bottom to fill in the gap. In other instances, you may need to have a new threshold installed to fill in this space. Weather stripping can also be installed along the sides of your doors to help keep these pests out.

Sealing up your doors is an inexpensive way to help keep your home pest free. It may also help to lower your heating and air conditioning costs.