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Three More Islands Are Declared To Be Rodent-Free

Protecting the environment is an important part of our business, and it is so exciting to announce that three more islands have been declared to be rodent-free.
Two of the Galapagos islands, North Seymour Island and Mosquera Islet, had their ecosystems disrupted by two species of non-native rats. The Black rat and the Norway rat were a major threat to many of the island’s native plants and animals.
This effort also marked the first time that drones were used to distribute the rodent bait, instead of helicopters. Drones were chosen because of their ability to precisely apply the rodent bait. These devices also helped by saving money, time, and effort. Three drones distributed the bait, following a GPS-directed path, over 50% of North Seymore island. The rest of the bait was distributed by 30 park rangers. Bait stations were also placed around the perimeter of the islands to help prevent future invasions.
The Island Conservation team has been working on this project for the past two years. Their efforts have led to the survival of many rare birds, and they are now beginning to see growth in the islands’ ecosystems.
In Hawaii, Lehua Island was also recently declared to be rodent-free. Their goal was to remove the non-native rodents so they could save various plants and animal species. Due to their efforts, 14 native plants were restored. There are also 17 seabird species, many of which are threatened, that can now nest safely.
At Termite Terry Pest Control, we proudly use products manufactured by Bell Laboratories. We want to thank them for donating the rodent baits and the equipment for these conservation projects, and for doing their part to help protect our planet!