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Woman Severely Burned After Hand Sanitizer Catches Fire

A woman was severely burned over her entire body after her hand sanitizer caught fire while she was trying to light a candle. The woman is continuing to recover after being admitted in the ICU.

The woman claims she put on a hand sanitizer to protect herself and three daughters from coronavirus. But when she lit a candle, her hand caught fire. When the flames hit the bottle of off-brand hand sanitizer she was holding, the bottle exploded. In a matter of seconds, her whole body was consumed in flames.

Her two youngest daughters ran to the neighbors for help. This amazing mother managed to get her burning clothes off, and rushed to get her disabled daughter and pets out of the house.

“It’s something that you never want your kids to see,” the woman said. “Like, you just being up in flames so I think that part kind of killed me just because it’s something I never wanted them to go through.”

Experts are warning everyone that flammable liquids and direct sunlight can make hand sanitizer explode. The Food and Drug Administration is also warning everyone to avoid using a growing list of hand sanitizers that may contain toxic substances. Some sanitizers have been found to contain methanol, which can be very dangerous when absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested. The FDA’s list of hand sanitizers that people should avoid has now been expanded to nearly 100 brands, and nearly 150 varieties.

The FDA recommends you wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. By the way, if you still decide to use a hand sanitizer, please don’t light candles or a cigarette after you put it on your hands – that stuff is flammable!!!!