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Be Careful When Shopping For Used Furniture . .

    Recently, one of our clients decided to go on the internet and do some shopping for used bedroom furniture. After making some calls, she found someone that had what she wanted. She went over to this person’s home and bought several items.

    One of the items she purchased was a wooden headboard and it fit nicely on her bed. However, only a few days after installing the new headboard, she noticed that she was waking up with bite marks on her body. After doing a little investigating, she found a few live bed bugs crawling in her bed. That is when she decided it was time to call us for help.

    D.J. Salamin, our pest control specialist, went over to her home to see what we could do. After inspecting her home, he found the source of the problem – her new headboard was loaded with bed bugs and bed bug eggs! D.J.’s treatment took about four hours to perform and he told her that she would need at least two followup visits (Bed bugs are by far and away the toughest pests we have to deal with and you never want to declare any treatment successful until you can go at least two months without being bitten.).

    Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got to be very careful when buying used furniture. That is especially true when you are buying used bedroom furniture. Bed bugs like living close to humans and that is why you’ll often find them in beds, headboards, lamps, clocks, nightstands or anything located near a bed. You really need to check all of these items carefully and if there is any doubt, they really should be treated before you bring them into your home. I know everyone is looking for “good deals”, but you’ve got to watch what you’re doing or you’ll find your “good deals” are going to cost you a lot more than you bargained for.

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