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The Case Of The “Disgusting Rats”

It was a beautiful and sunny morning in Orange County when Termite Terry arrived at his office. With his cup of coffee in hand, he sat down at his desk and started checking for phone messages and emails that came in over night.

One message that needed prompt response was an email from a property manager. This person said that her tenants were having a problem with rats in their home and that this issue needed to be dealt with immediately. The tenant was called and an appointment was set for later that morning.

Termite Terry arrived, he greeted the tenants and asked if they would show him around their home. Over the years, he has seen a lot of homes that have had rodent problems but this one was completely disgusting.

As he entered the home, the tenants pointed to the floor of the living room and showed him rat droppings scattered about. They also showed him where the rats had started eating holes in their couch.

The tenants went on to show him further signs of rats in the kitchen, bath and bedroom.

A Major Rat Infestation!

At this point, Termite Terry realized that this home had a major rat infestation and he asked permission to start his investigation.

When inspecting, Termite Terry always like to start at the front door, work his way all the around the house and back to the front door where he started. His goal was to find out how the rats were getting inside of this home.

He checked the front door and it was sealed up pretty well – rats weren’t getting in there. As he continued around the living room, he could see a number of rat droppings on the floor. The walls and windows were in good condition and there were no signs of rodent entry.

When he worked his way over to the couch, again he could see where the rats had started eating through the upholstery. He turned the couch over and there were no signs of them getting in underneath. But, then he looked at the wall behind the couch and he saw where the rats had chewed a two inch hole through the wall. He made a note of it on his inspection diagram and continued on to the kitchen.

The kitchen was in decent shape and he noted that the tenants had a dog. There was a dog bowl partially filled with food and another with water in it. He also noted that the tenants had dirty dishes in the sink and that they had pots of old food on the stove.

Termite Terry started looking through the kitchen cabinets and he found rat droppings in many of them. A lot of food items had been chewed through by the rats. Being a professional, he didn’t say anything to the tenants but he said to himself, “This is disgusting. There is no way I’d ever eat or drink anything out of this kitchen.”

When he looked under the kitchen sink, he could see a large hole in the wall. It looked as though a plumber had done repairs and left a large, one foot by one foot, hole in the wall. Rats were obviously going in and out of this large hole.

The bedroom was next. There were rat droppings all around and under the bed. He even found rat droppings inside of the baby’s crib!

He went on to the bathroom where he found more evidence. As he looked in the shower and saw more rat droppings inside, he said to himself, “I can’t believe anyone would take a shower in here unless they were wearing a pair of Army boots!”

Another large hole in the wall was found under the bathroom vanity. Again, it appeared that a plumber had done repairs and left the wall wide open. Rats were obviously going in and out of this hole.

This home was built on a raised foundation, so Termite Terry asked permission to start inspecting the exterior and underside of the home.

Termite Terry started on the outside of the home, at the front door, and worked his way all around the house.

There were several trees growing over the house and touching the roof. These would all have to be cut back at least four feet away from the roof to keep rats from gaining access.

The biggest problems he found on the outside of the home were the subarea vents and the subarea crawl access. A number of the vents had damaged or missing screens and the subarea access was wide open. These openings would easily allow for rats or other small animals to come and go as they pleased! It was quite obvious that a number of rats were living under this home.

When Termite Terry finished his investigation, he went back inside to talk to the tenants.

He said to the tenants, “Okay guys, I think I’ve figured out how to solve your problem, but I’m going to need your help.

First off, I’m going to ask the property manager to fix some things around the house and trim back the trees.

Next, I need for you to help us out by doing a few things inside. You know those dog dishes you have in the kitchen? I need for you to start emptying them out every night before you go to bed. Rats need food and water and if you’ll put those away every night, it will make your kitchen a lot less attractive to them. You’ll also need to have to start washing your dishes every night and putting them away. One other thing you need to do is to start emptying the trash every night.

If I can get you to help me out with that, get you to throw out all the open and damaged food in your cabinets and clean this place up a bit, that will make a huge difference.

Once you do all that and the property manager fixes the stuff that needs repaired, we’ll set out some rat traps to catch whatever is left and I think we can make your problem go away.”

Normally, Termite Terry’s crew would do the necessary repairs, but this property manager had their own maintenance man. So, he went back to the office to draw up a set of instructions for their man to follow.

Their maintenance man trimmed back the trees, sealed up the holes in the interior, fixed the sub-area vents and installed a new screen over the sub-area access. The tenants did a good job of cleaning up inside, also.