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Coastal Commission Approves Plan To Use Rodenticides On The Farallon Islands Mice

California’s Coastal Commission voted 5-3 to approve a plan for dropping rodenticide-laced pellets on the Farallon Islands. The goal of this plan is to eradicate all of the non-native house mice that have been wreaking havoc on the Islands’ native […]

What You Need To Know – Rodent Infestations Are On The Rise!

This has been one of the toughest years for controlling rodents in Orange County we have ever seen. Homes and businesses that have never experienced rodent infestations in the past, are now being overrun by these pests. For years, roof […]

The Case Of The “Disgusting Rats”

It was a beautiful and sunny morning in Orange County when Termite Terry arrived at his office. With his cup of coffee in hand, he sat down at his desk and started checking for phone messages and emails that came […]

Feral Cats Hired For Rodent Patrol

    Each year, thousands of unwanted cats are euthanized in animal shelters to help control their population. Many of these cats are fine animals but the problem has always been that there aren’t enough people willing to adopt them.   […]

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You- Salmonella

574 Illnesses Linked To Salmonella In Chicken     Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of antibiotic-resistant Salmonella illnesses have been linked to a chicken producer in California. The Centers for Disease Control says that 50 new illnesses have been reported in […]

10 Year Old Boy Killed By Pet Rat

A family is suing a major pet store chain after their son died from a bacterial infection they say he contracted from his pet rat. The medical examiner’s office ruled the cause of death was streptobacillus moniliformis infection, otherwise known […]

How To Keep Your Home Rodent Free!

Many homeowners in OrangeCounty are having a problem with mice and rats, especially during the cold season. That is because these pests will often enter homes so they can avoid the bad weather and stay warm. The most common complaint […]

Drug-Filled Mice Are Airdropped!

The invasive brown tree snake was accidentally introduced to the island of Guam about 60 years ago and continues to be a major threat to their economy and ecology. To put an end to this problem, biologists recently airdropped close […]

20 Rats Pulled Out Of A Wall!

It was Friday afternoon and I had promised my wife that I’d be home a little after 5pm so I could take her out for dinner. But, all of my promises went out the window when I got a call […]

Proof that “Termite” Terry Pest Control is 3 Times Better Than The Competition

Recently, our star pest control specialist, D.J. Salamin, was asked to trap mice at a local condo association. Now, before you look at the attached photo, please consider that there is a lot more to rodent trapping than most people […]