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20 Rats Pulled Out Of A Wall!

It was Friday afternoon and I had promised my wife that I’d be home a little after 5pm so I could take her out for dinner. But, all of my promises went out the window when I got a call from a client who said she had a smelly dead rat in her wall and needed it pulled out NOW! I hate saying no, so I had my carpenters meet me at her home.

When we got there, it didn’t take long to locate the problem. The rats had already eaten two holes into her laundry room and another large hole into her garage. With her permission, we opened up several areas of the wall. The walls were packed with the rat’s nesting materials and we wound up pulling out a total of 20 dead rats! We did some more investigation to find out how the rats had gotten into her home and discovered they were entering through the water heater room, which was adjacent to the laundry room and garage. We found the water heater room had been turned into a rat’s nest, with leaves and debris piled up 6 inches deep. We cleaned everything out and saw the rats had chewed 3 more holes through that wall to access the inside of the house.

The main reason this home had a problem was because the contractor who built this home left a gap, 1 ½ inches deep, under the water heater doors and that allowed easy access for the rats. This homeowner was very lucky that her whole house didn’t burn down because of all the leaves and debris piled up around that “flaming water heater”.  We recommended that she have us install new thresholds under the doors to keep out the rats and that she have us start doing a monthly rodent baiting service (on the outside) to help curb the rodent population around her home.

Everything worked out well that night and we had a very happy client. Lucky for me, my wife didn’t murder me and I was still able to take her out for sushi!