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The Secrets To Controlling Fleas

Summer is here and many Orange County homeowners are starting to see fleas attacking their families and pets. Fleas bite dogs, cats and people. Their bites cause itching and irritation, and some sensitive animals may even require veterinary assistance. Fleas […]

Man Was So Sick From Typhus, A Priest Gave Him His Last Rites

A man from the Pasadena area was bitten by fleas and contracted typhus eight months ago. His case was so severe that he thought he was going to die. He still hasn’t fully recovered and has lost 25 pounds. His […]

Flea-Borne Typhus Outbreak Reaches Epidemic Levels In Parts Of Los Angeles

Health officials in Los Angeles recently reported a typhus outbreak and say it has reached epidemic levels in Pasadena. There have been twenty cases reported in Pasadena, mostly in the past two months. The city of Long Beach has reported […]

Fleas Tested Positive For The Plague

Two counties in Arizona have found fleas carrying the bubonic plague. This is an infectious disease that took the lives of millions during the Middle Ages. The discovery of plague carrying fleas in Arizona follows three confirmed human cases in […]

Rave Review September 2016!

These Demon Possessed Fleas Are Dead! “OK, here’s the dealio . . . For the first time ever, our front yard had been taken over by fleas. Not just any fleas mind you, demon possessed fleas. One day, completely out […]

Campgrounds in Yosemite Park Closed After Plaque Case

      A child fell ill with the plague at Yosemite National Park. Several dead squirrels infected by the plague were found in the area and park officials were forced to close the campgrounds. The child was hospitalized but is […]

Typhus Scare In Santa Ana!

A child living in Santa Ana recently contracted a flea-borne virus and had to be hospitalized. A few months earlier, an adult who lives in Orange was also diagnosed with the virus. Both were treated and have since recovered. In […]