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Man Was So Sick From Typhus, A Priest Gave Him His Last Rites

A man from the Pasadena area was bitten by fleas and contracted typhus eight months ago. His case was so severe that he thought he was going to die.

He still hasn’t fully recovered and has lost 25 pounds. His doctors have been giving him antibiotics and he has been receiving physical therapy, but the recovery progress has been slow.

Eight months ago, this man was working in his garden when he suddenly became so weak that he did not have the strength to walk. He couldn’t even find enough strength to shave!

“I collapsed in my room and could not even get up from the floor,” he said. He was also suffering from a fever, chills, and lost his appetite.

This man was then hospitalized for several weeks. His doctors initially thought that he had a severe case of influenza. His condition did not improve, so a priest was called in to give him the holy Eucharist and last rites.

Fortunately for him, a specialist later performed an examination and was able to determine that he had contracted typhus.

Typhus infections occur when the feces from infected fleas are rubbed into cuts or scrapes in the skin, or rubbed into the eyes. Stray cats, rats, mice, opossums, and other small mammals, can carry the Rickettsia bacteria which causes Typhus.

Close to 60 cases of typhus have occurred in the Los Angeles area this year, and 12 of those were reported nearby in Long Beach. Health Department officials are warning us to avoid these wild animals. We all need to trim up our landscaping, remove pet food, and cover our trash cans, so we can help to discourage them from entering our yards.