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Rave Review September 2016!

These Demon Possessed Fleas Are Dead! “OK, here’s the dealio . . . For the first time ever, our front yard had been taken over by fleas. Not just any fleas mind you, demon possessed fleas.

One day, completely out of the blue, I walked out to my car and found my legs were covered in fleas. The front door is no more than 15 feet to my car, but there I was, with 15 fleas on my legs. Typically, I’m the guy the bugs leave alone. I guess it’s my manliness, but they pretty much leave me alone.

Not these demonic creatures. If I ran from my front door to the trash can to drop off trash, I might only get 8 fleas on my legs.

What were they doing? Waiting by the door for a human to leave? My 18 month old and my 4 year old… fogetabout it… They didn’t stand a chance…

The weirdest part is that I do have dogs, but they didn’t have any fleas. In fact, everywhere my dogs go was flealess. I bought stuff from the store to spray everything down… I’m pretty sure they took that as a declaration of war. My flea problem increased (I was about to call the Governor – I know a guy who knows a guy – to get the National Guard over here), but then I remembered Termite Terry.

After talking to Terry, we came to the conclusion that my recent raccoon guest, that we had just evicted (that’s another story for another vendor) must have gotten mad, came back, done a voodoo spell and cast off demonic flea warriors in front of my house.

Anyway, a long story short, Terry had his guy come out. He did whatever needed to be done and within a week (the lifecycle of fleas can be weeks or even months), these demon fleas were sent back to hell where they belong. Love these guys!”

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