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Hard Day At Work? Treat Yourself To An Ice-Cold Bottle Of “Insect Sour” Beer!

You’ve worked hard all day and despite all of the obstacles, you got the job done. It is now time for you to relax, and reward yourself with a drink. For days like this, not just any drink will do. […]

The Connection Between Pests and Foodborne Illness

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) tells us that foodborne illness is a major cause of disease in the United States. Each year, more than 48 million Americans are infected with a foodborne illness. Of those who become ill, 128,000 […]

Miracle-Like Roach Potion!

More than 40 million patients with respiratory, gastric, and other diseases have been cured after taking a miracle-like potion that is being sold to more than 4,000 hospitals in China. Most people who consume this potion have no idea of […]

The Case Of The Flying Roaches

It was on a beautiful spring day in Orange County when Termite Terry got a call from the local school district. The district’s operations manager told Terry that they had roaches in one of the classrooms and asked if he’d […]

Man Taken Off Organ Waiting List Because Of Insect Infestation

A Los Angeles resident has just learned that he has been taken off an active kidney transplant waiting list, because of bedbugs and roaches. Doctors have notified this man, who has been on a waiting list for over five years, […]

Doctor Pulls A Live Roach Out Of A Woman’s Ear

A woman recently woke up in the middle of the night with a pain on the inside of her ear. While still half asleep, she starts holding onto her ear and begins to wonder what would cause this much pain. […]

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You- Salmonella

574 Illnesses Linked To Salmonella In Chicken     Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of antibiotic-resistant Salmonella illnesses have been linked to a chicken producer in California. The Centers for Disease Control says that 50 new illnesses have been reported in […]

“Chicken a la Roaches’”

A major poultry processing plant in California was recently shut down by the U.S. Department of Agriculture because they found it was infested with cockroaches. Two other plants remain under heightened security following two outbreaks of salmonella food poisoning during […]

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer

    The weather is warming up in Orange County and many homeowners are seeing an unusually high number of insects and rodents around their homes this year. Our recent long and wet winter is probably the main reason for this […]

Man Dies After A Roach-Eating Contest!

    A 32 year old man recently died after eating live cockroaches during a contest to win a snake.     The store, which sells reptiles, promoted the contest for days on its popular Facebook page and was offering a prize […]