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Hard Day At Work? Treat Yourself To An Ice-Cold Bottle Of “Insect Sour” Beer!

You’ve worked hard all day and despite all of the obstacles, you got the job done. It is now time for you to relax, and reward yourself with a drink. For days like this, not just any drink will do. You need to treat yourself to something special – an ice-cold bottle of “Insect Sour” Beer!
Insect Sour Beer is the latest insect-based drink to come out of the Far East. On the label, there is a large photo of a Taiwanese giant water bug, and “giant water bug extract is listed as the drink’s main ingredient.
Taiwanese giant water bugs are considered a delicacy in South and Southeast Asia. The male species is particularly preferred because of its sweet, and almost fruity flavor. They can be boiled and eaten whole. Some prefer them deep-fried. Others like to use these to season their soups and stews.
After enjoying a delicious meal of water bugs, what could possibly be better than washing it all down with a glass of ice-cold water bug beer?
The makers of this beer claim that you can even smell the male pheromones among the fruity bouquet of this beverage!
They recommend you enjoy Insect Sour with lots of ice. Not sure if that is to cut the drink’s five-percent alcohol content, or the taste. This product is available online, and a single bottle will cost you about $5.62.
For those of you who don’t drink alcoholic beverages, another company is offering a refreshing alternative choice – “Tagame Cider”. This carbonated beverage contains 0.3% giant water bug extract, and has no alcohol. These are selling for about $4.25 a bottle!
You’ll have to try these beverages and let us know what you think about them. Cheers!