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Man Taken Off Organ Waiting List Because Of Insect Infestation

A Los Angeles resident has just learned that he has been taken off an active kidney transplant waiting list, because of bedbugs and roaches.

Doctors have notified this man, who has been on a waiting list for over five years, that he will not be placed back on the list until he lives in a habitable and vermin-free apartment. The doctors are concerned that the bed bugs and cockroaches may cause him to suffer an infection while he recovers from the transplant.
he kidney transplant candidate and his partner have now filed a lawsuit against the building owners. They want the owners to clean up the apartment building and provide pest control service to eliminate the insects.

“We are aware that a lawsuit is being filed, but have not viewed the allegations or the complaint,” the statement from the apartment owners read. “Like many urban apartment buildings, we have a regular extermination plan with licensed pest control. Unfortunately, some of our residents – including this person – have not allowed the exterminators into their apartments to spray.”

The kidney transplant patient is not able to move to another apartment because of his financial situation, and he said, “I’m scared that I won’t get that transplant.”