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Name A Roach After Your Ex And Have It Fed To An Animal!

Valentine’s Day is a season of love but not everyone will be in a state of bliss on the 14th. Have you had an ex do you wrong and you’re so upset that you’d like to feed him or her […]

Man Finds A Dead Cockroach In His Ear

A man thought he had water in his ear after going swimming but after suffering for three days, a doctor found something far more disgusting inside. After a day of swimming, this man came home with a blocked ear. He […]

Pay Up, Or You’ll Get Hit With 1,000 Roaches!

Members of an organized crime syndicate decided to send a “special message” to a restaurant owner, who allegedly forgot to pay off his loan. Police are investigating an attack, where two gang members threw thousands of roaches into a restaurant. […]

The Connection Between Pests and Foodborne Illness

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) tells us that foodborne illness is a major cause of disease in the United States. Each year, more than 48 million Americans are infected with a foodborne illness. Of those who become ill, 128,000 […]

Man Taken Off Organ Waiting List Because Of Insect Infestation

A Los Angeles resident has just learned that he has been taken off an active kidney transplant waiting list, because of bedbugs and roaches. Doctors have notified this man, who has been on a waiting list for over five years, […]

Cockroach Milk . . . The Next Superfood?

Can you imagine seeing a body builder or a basketball player going into a health food store and ordering a glass of cockroach milk? New research says that this super-food may become the next health craze. Scientists have found that […]