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Pay Up, Or You’ll Get Hit With 1,000 Roaches!

Members of an organized crime syndicate decided to send a “special message” to a restaurant owner, who allegedly forgot to pay off his loan.

Police are investigating an attack, where two gang members threw thousands of roaches into a restaurant. They believe the attack may have been in retaliation for an unpaid debt.

Security camera footage was released by the police. Two men, wearing black, can be seen breaking into the restaurant. After going inside, they walk over to an area located near a counter, and then fling a bag containing thousands of roaches up in the air.

By time the police arrived on scene, the two men had already fled on a scooter. Security camera footage revealed that a woman and two other men were also involved in this crime.

A day later, the four men and woman were arrested in two separate police raids. The police were able to identify the suspects from footage provided by security cameras. The five suspects were between 20 and 26 years old.

After being arrested, one of the suspects told the police they were ordered to release the roaches because the restaurant owner had not paid off his debt to “certain people”. This suspect also said he’d get 30% of the loot if he was able to make the restaurant owner pay.

Need some cash? Sounds like you had better be careful who you borrow from, or you may really need an exterminator!