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Name A Roach After Your Ex And Have It Fed To An Animal!

Valentine’s Day is a season of love but not everyone will be in a state of bliss on the 14th. Have you had an ex do you wrong and you’re so upset that you’d like to feed him or her to a ferocious animal? Then look no further than the San Antonio Zoo for the ultimate payback!

The San Antonio Zoo is again holding their “Cry Me A Cockroach” fundraiser where people can name a roach, rodent or veggie after their ex, and watch it being fed to an animal.

This annual event has been quite a success. Last year, the zoo received over 7,000 donations from people in all 50 states, and over 30 different countries.

For a donation of only $10, you can name a roach after your ex. If you are a vegan and you prefer feeding an herbivore, you only need to donate $5. For those of you who consider your ex to be a low-down rat, you can donate $25 and have a big-fat rat fed to a carnivore.

As part of your donation, you’ll receive a downloadable Valentine’s card showing your support for the event, along with your personal message. You’ll also receive a video of an animal eating a roach, veggie, or rat, and these can be shared on your favorite social media sites. They also have a special bonus . . . the zoo will be happy to send your ex a copy of your special Valentine’s card!

Ladies and gentlemen, this kind of a payback can be quite humiliating and painful. Sounds like we had all be on our best behavior, at least until after this offer expires on the 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day!