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How To Have A Pest-Free Summer

The weather is starting to warm up and a lot of insects and rodents are starting to invade our homes and businesses. None of us wants to live with these pests because of the damage they can do and the […]

Truck Runs Off The Road And Releases Millions Of Bees

A truck on Interstate 80 ran off the road and fell into a ditch, causing millions of bees to be released. The truck, carrying a full load of bees, was traveling eastbound on I-80. A Highway Patrol officer said that […]

The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

    The Mayflower set sail from England on August 1, 1620. 102 passengers were on board, including 40 pilgrims led by William Bradford. The journey to the new world was long and arduous. When they landed in November, they found […]

Dangerous New Termite Attacking South Florida!

A dangerous new termite has turned up in South Florida, leading local officials to organize a campaign to wipe it out before it can spread. “The Nasutitermes corniger termite, which is native to the Caribbean, lives above ground, builds brown […]

The “House From Hell”

Everyone knows that they should maintain their car (or truck) and change oil every three or four thousand miles, right? Well, as crazy as it seems, not everyone does that. Not long ago, I knew a guy that bought himself […]

Angie’s List Super Service Award!

LOS ANGELES pest control     For the second year in a row, “Termite” Terry Pest Control was given the Super Service Award by Angie’s List. This prestigious award celebrates our dedication to quality and is highly esteemed by Angie’s List […]

Don’t Even Think Of Buying A Home Unless You Have Termite Terry Pest Control Inspect It First!

    How would you like to purchase an expensive home in a gated community, only to find that you purchased a lemon?  I know of a person who is in that unfortunate position. The home he bought is in such […]

Stung By Surprise On Monday Morning!

It was on a typical Saturday in Costa Mesa when a man drove home and parked his truck in front of a house. He had no plans to use his truck over the weekend, so he rolled up the windows, […]

Entomologist Help Police To Solve A Cold Case

    The police, in San Antonio Texas, arrested a murder suspect in a case that dates back to early 2005. The suspect was charged with killing an elderly man and his son in February 2005.     The suspect was initially […]