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Stung By Surprise On Monday Morning!

A close up view!

It was on a typical Saturday in Costa Mesa when a man drove home and parked his truck in front of a house. He had no plans to use his truck over the weekend, so he rolled up the windows, locked the doors and went inside his house.

When Monday morning arrived, it was time for him to get back in his truck and go to work. But, when he opened up the driver’s door and got in, he was stung by surprise – There were bees swarming around the interior of his truck!

The owner of the truck called us and our ace pest control specialist, David Salamin, rushed over to help. In only a matter of minutes, David figured out the problem. The owner had parked next to an orange tree and over the weekend, the bees had started building a hive between the passenger door and the body of the truck.

Solving a bee problem like this can be tricky. The hive and most of the bees were in between the door and the truck’s body. David certainly didn’t want to open the door and drive them all inside of the truck’s cab. Also, he didn’t want to spray the truck down and expose the truck’s passengers to insecticides everyday.

The pile of bees on the ground.

David did some quick thinking and decided to tape up the gap all around the door. Next, he took out a can of “natural” pyrethrum spray (made from chrysanthemum flowers). Then, he punctured a small hole in the tape with a nail and carefully inserted the small, “needle like” spray tube from the can. He pulled the trigger on the can and immediately, the bees started roaring and made the truck’s door vibrate. But, in only a couple of minutes, the bee’s roar had completely died down to nothing.

While still wearing his bee suit, David got in the truck and drove a block away from the orange tree so that more bees wouldn’t try and get in the truck. When he opened the passenger door, a large pile of bees fell to the ground. David chased the remaining bees out of the truck and cleaned up the mess.

The truck’s owner watched all that David had done and was left speechless. He could not believe how many bees there were and couldn’t believe that in only one weekend, they were able to build a hive so large.

“Termite” Terry wants to remind everyone that it is bee season and if you have a problem, don’t ignore it. He says that bees are hard workers and if you let them go, they can create a monstrous bee hive in a very short amount of time. Do you have a bee problem at your home or business? Call our office at (949) 631-7348 or click on order form and we’ll be glad to help. Meanwhile, “Bee Careful!”