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Protester Unleashes A Swarm Of Bees On Sherriff’s Deputies!

A woman wanted to stop a court-ordered eviction and literally turned her protest into a “sting operation”. This woman hooked up a flatbed trailer to the back of her SUV and drove to the sight where the eviction was taking […]

Man Swallowed 30 Bees And Was Stung 20,000 Times!

A young man had to fight for his life after swallowing about 30 bees and being stung over 20,000 times. His friends had asked him to trim their lemon tree, so he climbed up into the tree and harnessed himself […]

Ukrainian Bees Attack Russian Soldiers

A Ukrainian news site is reporting that a brigade of bees attacked and killed three Russian soldiers, and sent 25 more to the hospital. It is believed that the bees originated from a hive that was located near the village […]

Killer Bee Attack Sends Three People To The Hospital

A mob of angry killer bees went on attack in a restaurant parking lot, leaving three people hospitalized. John, along with his best friend and girlfriend, decided to have dinner at a restaurant in Fountain Valley. After he parked and […]

Man Busted For Stealing Bees

A man was arrested in Washington state for stealing dozens of beehives. The bees may have a value of over $200,000. “The case has the potential of over 30 victims across California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington,” said a spokesperson […]

Swarm Of Killer Bees Attack A Cleaning Lady

A 52-year-old cleaning lady was recently attacked by a swarm of killer bees, leaving the woman in critical condition. Witnesses say that this cleaning lady was in the house and working with three other ladies, when she went out to […]

$10M Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Fatal Bee Attack

A law firm recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit for Daniel Martinez’s fatal bee attack in Tucson, Arizona. The lawsuit claims that the homeowner’s bees stung Mr. Martinez thousands of times, and caused him to suffer cardiac arrest.  A spokesperson […]

Student Throws An Apple And Starts A Killer Bee Attack

Close to 100 high school students were attacked by a swarm of killer bees after a student threw an apple at a beehive. Officials say that 56 victims of the attack had to be transported to the hospital, while 38 […]

Bee Hive Removal

Check out this bee hive our Technician Skip Haffke found while doing a Bee inspection.  Our crew member Jose had to remove the roof tiles, break the stucco, gut out the wood members, and insulation that were in the way […]

Russians Stung In Stolen Bee Case

A beekeeper from Montana lost his hives to bee rustlers in California, earlier this year. He never expected to see them again and suspected that Ukrainian-Russians may have been behind the heist. He turned out to be right. Two Ukrainian-Russians […]