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Ukrainian Bees Attack Russian Soldiers

A Ukrainian news site is reporting that a brigade of bees attacked and killed three Russian soldiers, and sent 25 more to the hospital.

It is believed that the bees originated from a hive that was located near the village of Chelburda, in the Oleshkovsky district. The bees then flew into a nearby Russian camp, where they attacked the soldiers.

The exact species of bee that attacked the Russian soldiers is not known. Though not typically found in Europe, they could have been Africanized honey bees.

Africanized honey bees can be especially dangerous because they will often attack people in far greater numbers. When a person receives multiple stings, this can become life threatening to those who are allergic, or have a limited capacity to escape. It is also important to remember that these “killer bees” will continue to attack for a long distance, so it is very hard to outrun them.

According to the United Kingdom’s Daily Star, this is the second time that nature has gotten in the Russian’s way during this war. They reported that a pair of wild geese were previously blamed for causing a Russian plane to fall from the sky and crash into a swamp.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has been devastating and many of Ukraine’s cities now lie in total ruin. The Ukrainians have fought back hard and they are pleading for their allies to send more equipment to aid in their fight for freedom.

Knowing that they are short on equipment, I’m curious to find out if you think that the Ukrainians triggered this bee attack? Could this be the beginning of a new form of weaponry, called “all natural warfare?”