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Killer Bee Attack Sends Three People To The Hospital

A mob of angry killer bees went on attack in a restaurant parking lot, leaving three people hospitalized.
John, along with his best friend and girlfriend, decided to have dinner at a restaurant in Fountain Valley. After he parked and got out of his car, he noticed a couple of bees. As he swatted them away, more bees started coming after him. The bees also started attacking his girlfriend and best friend. In complete panic, all three of them took off running in different directions.
When they met up a few minutes later, John’s best friend was crying like a baby and asking for help. He had been injured during the attack. John then managed to find his girlfriend. He had to remove bees from her hair, and pull bee stingers from her neck. Both his girlfriend and best friend had to be hospitalized.
When the first responders arrived on the scene, they were unable to reach John and his friends because the bees had spread throughout the parking lot. The situation was so bad that they had to call for five ambulances, and five more teams of firefighters.
Fire-fighting foam was sprayed over the area to remediate the bees. It took them about four hours before the area could be considered safe for reentry. A total of three people had to be hospitalized. Three firefighters and a police officer were stung, but no treatment was needed.
Ladies and gentlemen, most honeybees are docile and they won’t attack you unless you disturb them. However, killer bees can be extremely aggressive and if given the opportunity, they will take you down. If you ever do encounter these killer bees, don’t start swatting at them. Instead, carefully and quickly get out of the area without alarming them. Once you’re in a safe location, then it is time to call in a professional for help. This is definitely one pest that you don’t want to deal with unless you really know what you’re doing!