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Student Throws An Apple And Starts A Killer Bee Attack

Close to 100 high school students were attacked by a swarm of killer bees after a student threw an apple at a beehive.

Officials say that 56 victims of the attack had to be transported to the hospital, while 38 other students were treated at the scene. Several school staff members were also stung. 

The students were waiting in line for lunch when one of them threw an apple at the bee hive, and it fell to the ground. Reports say that the bees had built the hive in the lunch area over the summer.

A deputy was monitoring the campus when he saw a number of students running away. As he ran toward the area, he discovered the swarm of bees and immediately directed all students to go back to their classrooms.

“Once he threw the apple, the beehive fell down. Everybody started running. I dropped my backpack and booked it to the office and I got stung on the head,” said one of the students. When he got to the office door, he witnessed another student who had at least 30 bees on his body.

Fire fighters sprayed the area with foam, and local beekeepers were called in to help gain control.

“The biggest concern, of course, with bee stings is anaphylaxis or allergic reactions to them,” said the assistant fire chief. “Wheezing, respiratory difficulties and/or reactions like hives, or anything like that.”

Ladies and gentlemen, if you see a beehive in a place like this, it is a good idea to leave it alone and call a professional. Not all bees are created equal . . . some of them may even kill you!