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Man Swallowed 30 Bees And Was Stung 20,000 Times!

A young man had to fight for his life after swallowing about 30 bees and being stung over 20,000 times.

His friends had asked him to trim their lemon tree, so he climbed up into the tree and harnessed himself in position. Using his saw, he then started to cut off a branch. What he didn’t know was that he was about to cut through a hive of killer bees.

Thousands of these Africanized killer bees then angrily flew out of the hive. In a matter of seconds, his head, neck and arms were completely covered by these aggressive bees.

The young man couldn’t get down and started yelling for help. His friends were watching but they couldn’t help because they were also being attacked by the bees. So, they called 911.

Firefighters arrived at the scene a short time later. They had to cut out a portion of the tree to get him down. Firefighters and paramedics then had him transported, by a medical helicopter, to a hospital that was about 50 miles away. Four other people were also injured, and they were taken to area hospitals.

His doctors had to put the young man into a medically-induced coma for six days. He is now awake and is expected to fully recover.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was a very close call and the young man could have died. Most of the bees that we see in our neighborhoods are European honeybees, and they will usually leave you alone if you don’t disturb them. Unfortunately, the Africanized killer bees look just like the European honeybees, unless you put them under microscope. If you suspect you have a beehive on your property, you need to be very cautious and call for professional assistance. Remember, they were named “killer bees” for a very good reason.